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Contributor Guide

How to help with funding

We have a donation box set up at address 0xDeb4A0e8d9a8dB30a9f53AF2dCc9Eb27060c6557, as well as a Gitcoin Grant page.

We use funds from donations to:

  • fund bounties
  • fund audits of our production code
  • fund hardware on which to build Nimbus for you, from Raspberry Pis to feature phones

If you'd like to donate a conditional amount, i.e. one that depends on a certain milestone or deadline, please get in touch.

How to get involved with Nimbus' development

To configure your setup for development:

git clone
cd nimbus-eth2
make update

Build and start hacking!

Thought experiments

If you have research ideas you'd like to throw at us, exotic hardware you'd like to test on, or anything else revolutionary cooking up in your mind let us know. We'll gladly experiment!


Whatever you might expect to see in other projects applies here:

  • Be nice to others
  • When evaluating PRs, focus exclusively on the quality of the code
  • If submitting code, make sure it's tested. All code MUST come with tests. To speed up the review, ping a team member.
  • If submitting typo fixes or documentation changes, speed up the review process by pinging a team member. Jacek or Sacha will usually review those very quickly. The same applies if submitting a tutorial for inclusion on the official blog.