Embeddable, Lightweight, and Self-Contained

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Design goals

One of our most important design goals is an application architecture that makes it simple to embed Nimbus into other software.

Another is to minimize reliance on third-party software.

A third is for the application binary to be as lightweight as possible in terms of resources used.

Integration with Status

As part of our first design goal, our primary objective here is for Nimbus to be tightly integrated into the Status messaging app.

The dream is for you to be able to run an eth2 validator on Status desktop.

Commitment to Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIP)

We are committed to open standards and to maintaining consensus with other Ethereum-compliant implementations. As such, the development of Nimbus and the changes in its protocols follow the EIP process.

We played a role in drafting EIP-3076: Slashing Protection Interchange Format.

Licensing: MIT, Apache v2.0

Most of our work is licensed under Apache 2.0 and MIT. A permissive licensing structure with patent protection would

  1. Ensure the compatibility with GPL 2.0 and LGPL 2.0
  2. Extend the reach of the Ethereum platform
  3. Foster the highest degree of adoption by governments and enterprise