Ethereum 1 Nimbus

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Installing prerequisites

If you are on Windows, instead of using the commands below you can also use our pre-configured Vagrant box if you prefer to run things in a Linux environment.

We use Makefiles to quickly and easily build our binaries. Before you begin, please make sure you have RocksDB installed. On Windows, you can skip this step and instead rely on the “WINDOWS ONLY” part of the process below:

git clone
cd nimbus
make update # Downloads and builds submodules, dependencies, and even Nim itself

# >>> WINDOWS ONLY <<<
make fetch-dlls # WINDOWS ONLY
# >>> WINDOWS ONLY <<<

./ bash # Optional, but useful. Sets the current shell's environment to use the version of Nim language the `make update deps` command just built

Building and Running Nimbus

To run Nimbus in Ethereum 1.0 mode:

make nimbus
make test

Nimbus will now run and attempt to synchronize with the Ethereum 1.0 blockchain. It can currently reach block 1.5 million.